Mother Awarded with Over $100,000 after Raising the ‘Wrong Baby’ for 27 Years Due to Hospital Mix-Up

Baby switching at birth happens a lot of times in the movies but if it happened in real life it is very disheartening.

Doris Gruenwald was born last 1990 in the University Hospital Graz, Austria. However, when she was 22, a routine blood test revealed that she was not biologically related to her ‘parents’.

Doris Gruenwald (left) and Evelin Gruenwald (right). Photo: DailyMail

She was in shock after discovering that the people who have been raising her were not her parents. In an interview by the Krone Daily, she said: “My whole body started shaking… It was like the ground under my feet disappeared.”

Evelin Gruenwald, the mother, brought the matters to the court against University Hospital Graz. The court ruled ‘gross negligence’ and awarded over $100,000 cost of damages for Doris, Evelin and her husband.

Doris’ biological parents are still unknown and at the same the other victim is unaware that she has been raised by people that are not her parents.

The hospital launched a free DNA test program to over 200 women who were born during the same time as Doris. Only 30 women took advantage of the free testing but none of them matched with Evelin.

Evelin was devastated in the turn of events but she admits that even if Doris is not her real daughter, she is the best thing that happened to her.

In her interview with the Krone Daily she said: “But we knew from the start that nothing could separate us, that we would stay mother and daughter.

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