Mother Calls Son ‘the Saddest Annabelle’ When They Needed to Go to Dentist Appointment During Halloween

Halloween is one of the fun celebrations every year; people take efforts dressing up and joining different Halloween activities. For many parents, they would do everything for their kids to look as scary as possible; so whenever their kids go treat or tricking, they would get more candies.

A photo of a boy whose mother dressed up as ‘Annabelle’ has been going around social media accounts. The funny thing about this is before he even got a chance to remove his makeup, they needed to go to the dentist. His mother captioned the photo ‘The Saddest Annabelle’.

Image: Good Times

On the photo, you would see his sad expression on his face. For sure, his dentist almost died of laughter.

According to Good Times, the mother said that it wasn’t easy to convince him to wear such costume but she won. The whole point of making him wear the ‘Annabelle’ costume is for him to have a moment that would last forever.

Image: Good Times

While they were too busy with Halloween, his mom forgot his dentist appointment. As soon as his mom remembered their appointment, they rushed to the clinic, with her son still wearing the costume. In the clinic, the dentist and attending nurses couldn’t contain their happiness but it seems like the boy is not having a good time.

Image: Good Times

Upon reaching home, another photo was uploaded, and he still wears his sad face.

Good job mommy, you gave your son a moment that he would never forget! LOL