Mother Shares Daughter’s Experience with Color Shaming, Receives Backlash from Netizens

For some, having a tanned skin is such a shame and think that having fair skin means they are beautiful. Indeed, color shaming is happening up to this day and even young people are deeply affected by it.

Nurulbadiah Lai, a mother, took advantage of social media to express and raise awareness about some people who would comment on the difference of the skin color of her two children.

On her Facebook page, she shared an experience wherein she encountered an old friend who went to comment on her two kids.

“The eldest one is fair, like her mom, but the younger is darker, probably she had taken after her father,” Lai recalled.

Personally, the mother was not bothered by their skin tones not until she realized that her youngest was deeply affected by this comments. One day she asked little Alliss to put on a pink Frozen-inspired dress but she refused and insisted that she wanted to have fair skin first before putting on the dress because a pink dress can only be worn by someone who has a fair skin, like her elder sister.

Image: World of Buzz

This is really heartbreaking.

It’s really sad to see that a very young age, Alliss is already having self-esteem issues which she shouldn’t be experiencing – not at her very young age.

Image: World of Buzz

As soon as her post gone viral, she received some backlash from other netizens saying that she was just seeking attention.

“That’s what I’m saying; please stop comparing and accept your kids or even your friends just the way they are. Everyone is beautiful,” Lai said.

It saddens us to know that issues like this is still happening. May little Alliss find the courage to be comfortable in her own skin.