Movie Theater Stereotypes… Are you one of these?

Summer time is probably one of the most awaited vacations by almost anyone. It is a great time to do whatever you wanted to do, a great time for ice cream, shakes, and the like, as well as going to beaches and getting a tan, and also going to movie theaters to watch the latest films that you’re dying to watch.  However, these activities and getaways do come with some drawbacks, like for example—a jam-packed movie theater sometimes comes with annoying stereotypes (those who talk too loud, who laugh out loud, and those who even talk to the actors on screen as if they can be heard by the actors etc.)

Have you ever experienced this kind of scenario?  Youtube user, sports and comedy group, Dude Perfect created a video showing the most common stereotypes of people you can find in movie houses and movie theaters.  Admit it, at least once in your life, you had the chance to sit with these people, or maybe, even at least once in your lifetime, you were like this. Lol

Watch it below! What do you think?