Mr. Teodoro is Probably the Coolest Uber Driver You Will Ever Meet in the City. Find Out WHY.

Have you tried riding an Uber in Manila or have you ever booked for a ride on Uber? For those who haven’t tried or heard of it yet, Uber is a driving application which allows passengers to contact private vehicles for trips in lieu of taxis. It is a reliable and affordable ride that you can get in minutes. One advantage of it is that it save you from waiting in long lines of a taxi terminal or calling for a cab. Wouldn’t that be great? The concept has been widely accepted in the Philippines for safety and practical reasons.

Just recently, an Uber driver has gone viral because he went above and beyond the ride-sharing call of duty. While most of the drivers that you’ll meet are just happy to drive you wherever you need to go any time, Mang Teodoro has turned his car into a happy place that lucky passengers can get to experience.

Why he’s the best driver in town? He has this placard that says:

“A Blessed day, my name is Teodoro your driver. May I know if you have your preferred route for your convenient (sic) or we could always use Waze,” began the first part of the welcome poster.

Aside from that, check out the first class service that he provides to his lucky customers:

‘As my guest, please feel free to enjoy 

  • FREE candies
  • Alcohol, sanitizer, tissue are provided for your convenience
  • FREE charging of your smartphone, iPad or iPhone 

And the best part and definitely the game changer is the fact that he has FREE WIFI inside. He even has WiFi! Isn’t that amazing?

Photo credit: Facebook

And for the ending, he has a caption that says, ‘Thank you for riding. Enjoy your day and God Bless always’.

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