Muay Thai Champion Sparks Outrage After Revealing She Continues to Box Even at 39 Weeks Pregnant!

Six time Muay Thai World Champion Caley Reece is not about to let anything stop her from training – even if she’s 39 weeks pregnant! Caley is co-owner of Riddlers Gym in Perth, Australia along with her husband Darren who is quite supportive about her training.

But while her moves are amazing and would still probably win her the medal is she competed right this very moment, the internet was not so happy with what she is doing considering that she is pregnant – and could actually give birth any minute!

Photo by Caley Reece / Facebook
Photo by Caley Reece / Facebook

Caley takes all these criticism in stride, however; she said that she won’t let critics bring her down because she know what she is doing and that being pregnant should not stop someone from doing something that she loves, especially since there are safe ways to do it, anyway.

For those that have no idea, we do not pivot with our stomachs in Muaythai, we turn/pivot with our hips/feet. We have been doing this for over 40 years combined. Don’t stop what you love. There’s always ways around everything,” Caley defended herself.

Screenshots from video by Caley Reece / Facebook
Screenshots from video by Caley Reece / Facebook

She added, “It’s funny when people say ‘just relax during your pregnancy, take time off, eat what you want’. Why would I become lazy, potentially [affecting] my overall health and why would I consume food that is no good for me let alone my baby? For all the people out there thinking that a bit of training is harmful (and training I’ve been doing longer than some of you have been alive), stupid or even ‘retarded’ (yup i got that one too), ask yourself those questions.

39 weeks and potentially the last time I hit pads with ma belly. Theres so much I cant do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row (twisting), ANY power, ANY speed, quick footwork or changes, but that doesnt mean I have to give up. It simply means, I make do with what I have. There is no free style pad holding, Daz is calling every single thing so we both know exactly what is happening at all times. People ragging out on previous videos saying Im going to fall over, trip on my belly, get punched accidentally, too much on the belly etc… um… so what if I get punched in the face – my baby isnt growing in my head!! There is no more danger here than there is power walking or twisting in a pool. For those that have no idea, we do not pivot with our stomachs in Muaythai, we turn/ pivot with our hips/ feet. We have been doing this for over 40years combined. Dont stop what you love. Theres always ways around everything.. 💙 #pregnancy #pregnant #riddlersgym #muaythai #muaythaiislife #training #passion #39thweek #tired #fitness #fit #babybump #belly #nearlythere #ifyadontlikeitthencatchya #punishfightgear @punishfightgearandnutrition

Posted by Caley Reece on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Do you think a pregnant woman should be extra careful and stop doing strenuous physical activities?

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