MUST WATCH: Here’s What Could Happen to Planet Earth if Humans Suddenly Disappeared

What if humans suddenly disappeared from the face of Earth? Don’t mind the reason for the disappearance but let’s just say that humans just went poof! What could happen to the planet afterwards?

In a poignant video shared by #Mind Warehouse on YouTube, the scenario is played right out: humans were gone all of a sudden. What could be the first things that might happen in such a scene?

Well, obviously, machines will stop to work. This could be mean accidents all over the world as vehicles crash into one another or into buildings and infrastructures. Since there are no people to operate pumping stations or do work in many places across the world, subways and tunnels will become flooded, utility companies will stop working and there would be massive power outages, etc.

Pets will die but there would also be ones who will survive after becoming one with nature by escaping their homes; though they might live a harsh, wild life. Things would get worse in the next decades but as the years pass, things would actually turn better – much better than what we could all hope for in the coming years!

Check out this video and be reminded that it is actually us, humans, who are destroying our planet and that the Earth just might become beautiful again once we are all gone…