MUST WATCH: How to Escape Zip Tie Restraints in Seconds… This Could Save Your Life Someday!

Zip ties are much, much cheaper compared with handcuffs – and are easier to buy, too; thus, these ties are often used in law enforcement (though they are using a better variety called flex cuffs that are much harder to escape from) and criminals alike when trying to restrain people.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, one mom shares how her kid was able to escape from zip tie restraints within seconds – and this could be something that might save your life someday!

Michelle O’Neal knows that the video will be useful only in certain situations and might not be applicable to many instances yet she feels the need to share it, anyway, as she hopes that it could save even just one life in the future.

This method needs a lot of prerequisites such as: the zip ties tie your arms in front of you (this is next to impossible when your hands are tied at the back), you are wearing shoes with shoelaces, and your kidnappers are distracted enough for you to do this without them noticing. Also, escaping from the zip ties does not guarantee that you will eventually able to fully escape but the most important thing here is that you now have a better chance of escaping than when you had your wrists tied up.

Composite images from Facebook video by Michelle O'Neal
Composite images from Facebook video by Michelle O’Neal

But for the sake of learning how to escape from the restraints, let’s assume that you meet all the prerequisites to be able to go through the procedure. It is actually quite easy to do!

First, untie the ribbons on one of your shoes. Loop this through the zip tie – you will need to use your mouth and teeth for this part. Then, tie the shoelace again. Using a bicycle motion, try as hard as you can to break apart the zip tie by ‘sawing’ through it.

Just as you can see in the video below, the method works within seconds! Don’t forget to share this as it could save someone’s life – not matter how morbid the thought might be…

Could your kids escape if they were handcuffed with a zip tie? Teach them how to free themselves in less than a minute!
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Posted by Michelle O’Neal on Thursday, September 1, 2016

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