Mysterious Pillars of Light Seen for an Hour in Canada’s Night Sky

It was 1:30 in the morning in Ontario, Canada when Timothy Joseph Elzinga discovered something that made him go outside the house in his pajamas, forgetting that it was freezing and the snow was several inches deep.

The rest of the world was asleep but because he was tending to a crying toddler, he happened to look outside and see what appear to be mysterious pillars of light outside his house and over the city!

It was so surreal that Elzinga ran out and forgot that the temperatures were freezing.

Photo credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga

I saw beams of light, looking like something out of Star Trek or Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” he said. “I ran out in my pajamas, and quickly realized that I needed to bundle up.

He rushed back to put thicker clothes on and run back outside to take photos of the phenomenon using a smartphone. According to Elzinga, he wasn’t sure how long the lights had been up that night but they stayed for about 45 minutes after he spotted them.

Photos of the mysterious lights soon went viral on social media, sparking debates as to their origin. While many joked that these could have been a secret alien invasion, more level-headed folks commented that the mysterious pillars of light were nothing but reflections of light off ice crystals in level surfaces.

It was something like the aurora borealis – and it truly was amazing to behold! I would like to believe they were laser beams from space, though…

Check out this video: