Native Delicacies to be Served in the Inauguration of the Philippines’ Vice President

It would seem that the top-ranking officials of the Philippines are trying their best to stay as simple as they were back when they were still ordinary citizens of the country or serving as lower ranking officials of the country – for their inaugurations are set to be as simple as possible.

For instance, as was previously mentioned, President Duterte’s inauguration menu consists of Filipino favorites like fried banana, monggo soup, smoked fish, pandesal, and other items – but his vice president is also not going to serve expensive food in a lavish banquet.

In fact, VP Leni Robredo’s mid-morning gathering will only offer native Filipino delicacies like ‘buchi’, ‘pichi pichi’, and ‘maja blanca’. Local peanut-chocolate brand ‘Choc-Nut’ will also be served in the VP’s inauguration.

Photo credit: Out of Town Blog
Photo credit: Out of Town Blog

Is this going to be a battle of native foods and simple inaugurations? Well, they’re definitely not fighting – and both won’t be attending each other’s inaugural events but one thing is for sure: both appear to live as frugally as they could for the Filipino people.

Photo credit: Inquirer
Photo credit: Inquirer

Could this really be the start of the ‘change’ the people are clamoring for? We certainly hope so…

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