Nephew Sells Aunt and Uncle’s Painting for $2000, Only to Find Out it Actually Costs $165M (And They Probably Stole it 30 Years Ago)

After his aunt and uncle died, a young man got a painting from their house and thought about selling it. Later on, he found out that the painting had been missing many years ago and actually costs $165 million!

When Ron Roseman was cleaning his aunt and uncle’s house after they passed away, he noticed a painting hanging at the back of the door of the couple’s bedroom. He then thought about selling it to a local antique shop.


When Ron brought the piece of artwork to the shop, the owner offered him $2,000 for it.  Shortly, they had a deal so Ron went home.

Just when he thought he was done with the painting, he got a call from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and got invited to answer a few questions about the artwork. But then, they assured him that he was not in any trouble.


Apparently, right after he sold the painting in the local antique shop, a customer recognized the painting called “Woman-Ochre” by Willem de Kooning which was no ordinary painting and is worth $165 million!

The customer offered to buy it for $200,000 but the shop owner opted not to sell it and rather investigate it.

To Ron’s surprise, he found out that the painting had been stolen 30 years ago from the University of Arizona Museum of Art. There were no cameras in the museum that time so the thieves were not caught.


The FBI and the local police were not sure if it was actually Ron’s aunt and uncle who stole the painting though they claimed they had pieces of evidence linking them.

However, Ron said he cannot imagine them being involved in the robbing incident.

Meanwhile, the antique shop’s co-owner, Buck Burns said the first time he learned about the painting, he was somehow wondering why it was hanging at the back of the door of the couple’s room for private display only.

“My personal thought, and it may be totally wrong, but when I first saw where the painting was hanging in the house — it was for their private display, not for anybody else.”

“It was hung behind that door, and when that door was open, nobody could see it.”

Both Ron’s aunt and uncle were teachers yet they were able to travel 140 countries and still had millions of dollars in their bank accounts when they died.

Police said their salaries as school teachers will never be enough to support their luxurious life so that itself meant something.