Netizen Goes Viral for ‘Hampaslupa’ Post after Seeing Balance of ATM User Before Him

How much money do you have in the bank? Many people don’t actually have a bank account – and a lot of those who have one only have the maintaining balance left in the card until the next payday. And if you’re lucky enough to have a payroll account or a cash card, you don’t even need to keep a maintaining balance.

So, when someone posted about feeling ‘hampaslupa’ after seeing the balance of the ATM user before him, a lot of netizens really had a good laugh and commented that they could easily relate with him! LOL.

Photo credit: Sun Star

Last August 23, Charles Robert Gomez Coloma went to a Metrobank ATM to withdraw some money. The woman who used the machine before him left the transaction receipt; perhaps she was in such a hurry to leave.

Curious, Coloma peeked at the transaction receipt and was rather surprised at the balance: it was an unbelievably large amount that he joked the woman must have left the receipt on purpose! LOL.

Yung pinaramdam sayo ng sinundan mo sa ATM na isa kang hampaslupang dukhang pataygutom na maralitang busabos. Feeling ko sinadya ni ateng iwan yan para ipamukha sa amin na nasa himulhol, hindi lang laylayan, kami ng lipunan,” Coloma wrote as he posted a photo of the receipt.

Photo credit: Charles Robert Gomez Coloma / Facebook

In the photo, it was shown that the woman who used the machine before Coloma had withdrawn Php5,000 from the account, leaving a balance of Php1,876,420.46! It’s easy to see why Coloma felt like a ‘hampaslupa’ after seeing that account balance.

A lot of netizens commented on the post, sharing how they also felt the same way after seeing the ATM balance. But others also said they felt motivated after seeing that balance as they hoped they would see that in their bank accounts someday…

Source: Charles Robert Gomez Coloma / Facebook