Netizen Receives Cooked French Fries as ‘Freebie’ with His Online Purchase

We all love online shopping because it’s very easy to access and helps us avoid long lines and heavy traffic especially during sale events.

Lazada is among the most popular online shopping applications. Despite some negative reviews many people still love to shop through them.

A netizen shared a recent purchase that he got with Lazada. He purchased an air fryer but the generous seller was able to add a freebie to his purchase which surprised the netizen.

Image: World of Buzz

Upon unboxing the air fryer, he seemed to found some cooked french fries in the rack! Wow! Instant food?!

The buyer immediately contacted the Lazada customer service to inform about his purchase but they weren’t able to give him an immediate response but Lazada was able to grant him a refund later on.

Image: World of Buzz

The post he had made was already taken down as soon as he got the refund; however, even though the post had already been deleted, it already garnered the attention of other netizens. Most of them laughed at the situation, some even joked that the seller was worried that the seller would be hungry that’s why he put some free fries.

The condition of the air fryer was not disclosed as well as how the fries ended with his purchase but, thankfully, Lazada was able to resolve this issue in a short period of time. This just goes to show that not all freebies are really nice to receive.

If you are in the buyer’s situation, what would you do?