Netizens Angered after Pranksters Hacked Off Legs of a Farmer’s Carabao, Leaving it to Die

It was the old farmer’s most prized possession (aside from his kids) but some pranksters thought it would be cool to hack off its legs and leave the beast to die in the field.

Netizens who found photos of the **** carabao and the weeping farmer were angered by this outrageous prank, calling on the police to investigate the matter and jail the culprits. It is quite clear that the animal suffered before it eventually passed away.

Photo credit: Filipino Netizens
Photo credit: Filipino Netizens

While carabaos are beasts of burden, they are also considered by farmers as their pets; thus, we could understand why the loss was quite devastating for the old farmer.

A lot of those who commented on the post made by Facebook page, Filipino Netizens, are hoping that the page admin ‘aljer’ who created the post would reveal the farmer’s name and where they could find him so that they could come up with a plan to buy him a new carabao, especially because it looks like the creature was pregnant when it was killed by the heartless perpetrators.

As of press time, aljer’s last post was telling the readers that they are still looking for more information on the farmer. We’ll keep you updated once new information is available.

Yung mga taong hindi magtrabaho ng maayos.magnanakaw ng kalabaw at kakarnehin na sa mismong bukid… ..kawawa naman si…

Posted by Filipino Netizens on Sunday, May 1, 2016

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