Netizens Express Amazement at Unbelievable Results of Hawk versus Snake Fight

If you happen to see a snake fighting with another animal, what would you do? Will you attempt to break up the fight or let the creatures be?

Well, I don’t really know yet what I would do because I can’t tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous snake!

Screenshot from video by NTD News / Facebook

But some brave guys managed to break up a fight between a snake and a hawk (I still couldn’t tell you whether that snake is venomous or not). In a video that has gone viral on NTD News, two guys chanced upon a hawk in a rather strange position on the road as it was strangled by a snake.

Of course, it was probably the hawk’s fault that it was in that position since it must have swooped down on the snake, ready to have it as its meal but the reptile fought back.

Screenshot from video by NTD News / Facebook

One of the guys said that he’s quite sure the hawk was “terminated” – and judging by its position and the fact that it wasn’t moving at all, we also believe the bird was dead!

The snake seemed quite angry with the man’s interference. It tried to bite the man! Oooops. It was a good thing he was too quick the creature or perhaps the snake was a bit tired from its fight with the hawk.

Screenshot from video by NTD News / Facebook

As for the poor bird, it does appear to be dead. The man placed it on a rock. The snake has won the fight. But, wait! It seems that the fight has a surprise ending after all…

Check out this video to see the surprising outcome of this fight:

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