Netizens Express Anger over Old Woman’s Rough “Laundry Style” Bathing of 2-Week-Old Baby

Babies are delicate little creatures who deserve tender, loving care. Everyone knows how important it is to ensure that the babies are handled with care because their developing bones are could easily break and cause permanent damage to the kid.

But what if rough handling is just part of a village’s custom? Does it count as ***** if viewed differently by people from other communities?

A video has recently made rounds on social media, with the woman in the clip gaining much flak for rough handling of a 2-week-old baby she was bathing.

Photo credit: Daily Family NG / YouTube

The video shows an old lady identified as the baby’s grandmother. She was giving the child a bath.

While most of us are accustomed to a child that small placed inside a bathtub or even on the sink, supported by safety equipment, this grandmother only put the baby in prone position on top of her legs.

The poor kid could be seen gasping for breath as the grandmother poured water on its body. But this did not seem to faze the grandma who continued with what she was doing, pausing at times to squeeze water from the kid’s nose.

Netizens watching the procedure could not help but wince as they watched the old lady giving the child a rough bath. It was also hard to watch her arrange the kid on her leg as she didn’t even try to be gentle at all.

After watching the 7-minute video, many netizens expressed anger and called for the old woman to be jailed for child *****. Many certainly agree that this is not the proper way to bathe a baby, especially one who is just 2 weeks old.

But Indian netizens just scoffed at these angry remarks, saying that such rough “laundry style” bathing is common in India. Most babies are bathed in this manner and considering the 1.3 billion population of India, the practice isn’t considered dangerous at all.

Do you agree?

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