Netizens Fall in Love with Cute Puppy Who Excitedly Makes a Back Flip While Eating

Everyone knows puppies get excited so easily, even on the most trivial things like finding an earthworm or digging out an old pair of boots from the ground but have you ever seen one doing a back flip just because he was too excited while eating his dinner? Cute!

One such puppy has gained a lot of fans on the internet after his video was uploaded on YouTube by his rather amused humans.

The pup, a Boston terrier who was clearly just a couple of weeks old, was eating his dinner which doesn’t really look that much exciting or delicious from a human perspective yet he must have loved it so much that his lower body would soon defy gravity, slowly lifting towards the sky as he continued to eat.

Photo credit: YouTube / @2xfantasychamp

It seems that this was not the first time this cute puppy has done this because his humans were clearly expecting that he would do; thus, they took a video of him while enjoying what must have been the most delicious meal he’s ever tasted in his entire life. LOL.

What can you say about this adorable little thing? Have your dogs also done this?

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