Netizens Outraged after Family was Charged $40 to Hold Newborn Baby Immediately after Birth

Everyone knows that having a baby may be one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to a couple’s life but it can also be quite costly; however, while couples often prepare for the bills, especially for the arrival of their precious bundles of joy, there are certain surprises that come along the way – and some aren’t so pleasant…

Take for example the surprise bill that a family received from an undisclosed hospital that charged them $39.35 for “skin to skin after c-sec” which definitely outraged a lot of people on social media. After all, skin to skin contact is often encouraged in many hospitals for the benefit of the babies yet this one is actually charging their patients for it!

After the post went viral, a hospital staff told Inside Edition that the hospital’s charge might be named that way but it is not what it seems. The hospital is not billing the parents for holding their newborn baby but is charging for the extra caregiver which had to be put in the room when parents decide to have skin to skin contact with the newborn – and this is supposed to ensure the infant’s safety!

Well, the hospital can call it whatever name and explain it in whatever way but it still seems like a huge payment for letting the parents hold their baby, right?

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