Netizens Slam Middle-Aged Woman for Standing on Empty Parking Spot to ‘Reserve’ It for Son

What do you think of people who stand on empty parking spots to ‘reserve’ these for their friend or family member’s car, even if the vehicle isn’t there yet?

This is actually a common occurrence in many places, especially in crowded public spots where parking spaces are limited. And many of you must have encountered such people – or might have even done it yourselves!

But one middle-aged woman in Penang, Malaysia recently went viral after she was slammed by netizens for refusing to move out of an empty parking spot she ‘reserved’ for her son whose car was nowhere in sight at the time a female driver asked her to get out.

Photo credit: Ken tut / Facebook

According to the female driver, she had been circling around the parking lot many times already but the only empty spot was the only where the middle-aged woman was standing. So, she asked the middle-aged woman to move but the latter refused, saying she got there first and was reserving the space for her son who was on his way.

The woman, then, ignored the female driver and pretended to be talking to somebody on her phone. This went on for a few minutes and the frustrated driver eventually drove off to find another parking spot.

After the post went viral, netizens debated whether it was alright for someone to stand on a parking spot to ‘reserve’ it. Who really has the right to that spot – the person who got there first and was ‘reserving’ it for a coming car or the car that arrived there first?

Photo credit: Ken tut / Facebook

The Penang Island City Council weighed in on the issue, admitting that there are no laws against ‘human parking reservation’ but said that the practice was morally wrong.

The law only states that parking spaces should not be hindered by obstacles but the term only applies to things and objects, not humans.

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