Never Turn Your Back on Big CATS! This Incredible Moment Shows a Tiger Saving a Man From a Leopard Attack At The Zoo!

Like what’s stated in the title, NEVER turn your backs against big CATS, especially tigers and leopards, because you never know when they are going to attack you.

In this incredible video, a zookeeper narrowly avoided getting mauled and savaged by a leopard after a heroic tiger leaped to his rescue. Eduardo Serio, an animal conservationist at the Black Jaguar White Tiger sanctuary in Mexico was playing with a group of lions when the leopard  began creeping up behind him. He is seen patting the tummy of one of the  predators with his back turned to one of the leopards.

The big cat , named Dharma, suddenly sprinted towards Eduardo, who was completely oblivious to the danger that he’s in.

But luckily, wonder of wonders, as the leopard Dharma sprints towards Eduardo, a huge tiger leaps through the air and tackles the beast and stops him in his tracks! The hero tiger, named Aztlan, had been sitting in the shade behind its trusted handler before showing amazingly and heart-stopping split second reactions.

The aggressive animal became submissive as Eduardo gave the tiger a congratulatory pat and we can hear him thanking Aztlan in Spanish.

That was one scary moment, though!

Watch the heart-stopping video below: