New Breed of Awesome Bosses? Manager Allowed a Couple to Take a Year Off to Travel Around the World!

Chris Smith, 36, and Suzanne Walker, 33, wanted to quit their full-time careers to go on their dream of traveling to 3 continents. However, their manager, Ian Mattioli, made a decision that could start a trend worldwide. The couple can keep their jobs while they travel around the world!

Photo: Kevin Sharpe /

The power of technology had made it possible for people to do office work anywhere as long as there is internet connection. The couple still needs to work on normal hours even if they are in far flung places like Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires and Bogota.

The couple’s monthly travel destination. Photo: Kevin Sharpe /

The couple is working in Mattioli Woods, a wealth management company based in Leicestershire, UK. They said that they really liked working on the company and they were so glad that their manager offered this new arrangement.

They are currently in Mexico City and they will travel to a different city every month. While they will still be working on normal hours, they have the whole month to get to the travel destinations during their free time.

Photo: Kevin Sharpe /