Newborn Baby Triumphantly Holds Mom’s Failed Birth Control, Receives Cheers from Across the World

Did you know that IUDs are touted as among the most effective birth control method as it’s over 99% effective? Well, one surprised mom who belonged to the 1% ‘ineffective’ group has recently shared a hilarious photo of her newborn son, holding the very device that should have prevented his mom from getting pregnant! LOL.

The triumphant baby, named Dexter Hellein, went viral after mom Lucy posted a photo of him a Mirena IUD.

According to Lucy, she discovered that she was pregnant last December, something that was surprising since she had the implants four months earlier. But while the baby came as a surprise, they accepted him wholeheartedly.

Although he wasn’t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed,” Lucy said.

Photo credit: The Sun UK / Twitter

Weighing 9lbs 1oz, Dexter arrived in this world earlier than his expected due date of May 4, leading the doctor to exclaim, “The force was strong with this one.

Amused over the situation, Lucy posted the birth announcement on Facebook – with Dexter holding the failed birth control device. Captioned “Mirena fail”, the photo would soon go viral, receiving laughs and cheers from across the world.

People cheered the baby for being a ‘fighter’ and for winning over the birth control device.

Mom Lucy revealed that the doctors found the device ‘hidden’ behind the placenta. The cheeky little baby probably ‘hid’ it there so he could win. LOL.

What can you say about this fighter baby?