Newborn meets grandparents who were 10 floors away

  • Grandparents of a newborn in Boston made a way so they could see him even from 10 floors away
  • Outside the hospital, they held out a banner that welcomed Jack who was carried by his mother by the window
  • The grandfather explained that they wanted Jack to know that despite the circumstances due to COVID-19, they were there when he was born

Since social distancing is strictly implemented as precaution against COVID-19, grandparents of a newborn in Boston had to be creative so they can see him, even if that meant the meeting would be 10 floors away.

Image capture via WCVB

Stacy O’Donnell gave birth to her first child with husband Jarrod early this month. They followed strict protocol that did not allow Jarrod inside the delivery room.

When all was settled, the grandparents of Jack Maxwell O’Donnell eagerly held out a banner outside the hospital that says “WELCOME JACK.” Tod O’Donnell, the grandpa, asked his son to turn on a blinking red flashlight so they can find which window they are in.

“The kids knew we were coming, but it was just for a quick photo as we stood on the sidewalk. They did not know we were coming with the signs. It made their day,” WCVB quoted Tod as saying.

Image capture via WCVB

“The whole thing took about three minutes but was well worth the ride and brightened the day for everyone.”

He added that he hopes that the simple gesture will make Jack realize that despite the circumstances, they were there when he was born.

“As Jack gets older he will hear stories of his birth and the times that surrounded it, but we wanted him to know we were there, at least 10 stories below,” he said.

Jack is now home and his grandparents are waiting for the time they can finally hold him for the first time.

Source: WCVB