Newlyweds Who Met Through Friends, Discover They Actually ‘Met’ at Birth

Aaron Bairos and Jessica Gomes met through mutual friends and fell in love. Little did they know that they had actually ‘met’ at birth, having been born on the same day at the same hospital.

Aaron and Jessica were the only babies born at Morton Hospital in Taunton, Massachusetts on April 28, 1990. They were born just 2 hours apart and had shared the same maternity ward.

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

After they became a couple and discovered their shared birthday, they each told their parents who recalled saying “Hi!” to each other those many years in the past.

Jessica’s grandmother even checked some old newspaper clippings she got on the day she was born and discovered that the births were announced on the paper – and that they were the only ones born that day! Could this be fate?

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

Jessica even had a photo taken in the nursery with another baby in the background. While they could not confirm whether that child was actually Aaron, the fact that they were the only ones born that day made it highly likely that this was actually their first photo together! Adorable, isn’t it?

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

The two recently got married after 9 years of being together as a couple. They said they complete each other.

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

Their story would soon go viral because people just couldn’t get over the fact that these two were born at the same hospital on the same day – and now share another special date together, their wedding day!

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