No Handle? No Problem: Woman Uses a Plunger As a Bus Handle!

Traveling by bus can be slower than taking the train or taxi but many people still prefer to use it because of its convenience. Using the MRT during rush hours is like being stuffed in a can: the place is full of people pushing and pulling each other. You may also encounter irritated people who push their way in and out of the train, which might make your day turn sour.

Taking a bus is more comfortable for other people. Plus, it is relatively cheaper too. Although it may be equivalent to two to three rides by other vehicles, it is still considered economical.

People also prefer using the bus as they can catch up on the sleep hours they missed because of waking up early in the morning. Longer commuting hours can mean a longer period of rest.

But not all the time when you are traveling that you can travel in comfort while seating on the bus’ seat. There are times whenever you are riding a bus, especially if it is rush hour, there are no longer available seats and you are forced to stand up until your next destination. If you don’t hold strong enough on the bars inside the bus and the driver stops the bus, you might find yourself on the floor.

What will you do if you are too small to reach the handles?

[Image Credit: 瘋 分享 • Mad Share / Facebook]
[Image Credit: 瘋 分享 • Mad Share / Facebook]
A woman found a unique way to stay standing while inside the bus: by using a plunger!

While the bus is moving, some men are making a way where the woman can stand. However, she is too small to reach the handle. Armed with her secret weapon, she used the plunger, stick it on the ceiling, and hold the handle to stand properly.

The men around her were surprised upon seeing her unique tool. Some cannot help but smile too.

[Image Credit: 瘋 分享 • Mad Share / Facebook]
[Image Credit: 瘋 分享 • Mad Share / Facebook]

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