No One Could Ever Explain these Mysterious Photos… Can You?

Over the long course of man’s history, a lot of things happened. Some made it to the history books while others remained untold. There were those which were told but could not be explained, things that happened yet could not be deciphered.

The best of these mysteries remain unexplained for decades or even hundreds of years.

Now, there’s a video on YouTube which presented 10 mysterious photos that cannot be explained. Some are downright mysterious while others were borderline creepy, even scary if you really think about it.

The photo of the upside-down ghost-like image on the family portray gave me chills and was imprinted so hard in my memory that I could not shake it off for days!

As for my favorite mystery in the video, I love the colorful lights of Norway’s Hessdalen Valley. I don’t care about the reason behind this phenomenon. I wish I could these lights for myself.