No One Knows What This Object Is…Even If It’s Been Orbiting Earth for Over 50 Years!

Are we alone in the universe or is there intelligent life somewhere out there, in a distant planet with conditions similar to Earth? I guess we will never know the answer in our lifetime yet this question might find resolution in the future.

Today, there remain a lot of mysterious incidents or objects on Earth that may be attributed to aliens for lack of a plausible explanation.

The “Black Knight” is one perfect example such a mysterious object. Spotted in the 1950s by the US, it was first believed to be Russian satellite; however, at the time, no country had the technology to launch an object of the size (estimated to be 10 tons) into polar orbit! So, who did it?

Conspiracy theorists believe that this polar satellite was placed by aliens, especially because it appears to be broadcasting an unknown message. Still, even if we accept this thing to have alien origins, it continues to add more questions to the ever growing list: Where was it from and what was it transmitting?

The US government had to release a statement quelling public fears about aliens and UFOs by telling everyone this satellite was no more than a piece of space debris.

Then, in 1963, astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed he saw a glowing green object orbiting the Earth and that it appeared to be moving towards his capsule. According to Viral Nova, his report fell on deaf ears at NASA, and the agency later released an official statement stating that Cooper had “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations”.

Is that for real or is it another cover up on the alien issue? What do you think? You can check out these photos of the Black Knight taken years ago…

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