Non-profit group donates tablets so COVID patients can talk to their relatives

  • A network of professional women founded COVID Tech Connect (CTC)
  • This non-profit organization aims to provide smartphones or tablets to COVID-19 patients so they can connect with their loved ones
  • Some COVID-19 patients die without bidding their family good bye because they do not have access to personal device

Most of the people who publicly shared their journey towards recovery from COVID-19 said that aside from battling with the disease, they also had to fight loneliness because they are literally alone inside the hospital room to limit contact.

Image via Pixabay

This is why a newly-formed group called COVID Tech Connect (CTC) decided to help provide smartphones or tablets to patients.

It started when Loop & Tie Founder and CEO Sara Rodell received a message from a friend who was looking for tablets they can send to the New York Nurses Union.

“Due to crowding at hospitals and the risk of COVID-19, patients were dying without being able to say good bye to family and friends,” the website said. “Many patients did not have personal devices or, due to their condition, could not charge and/or give access to medical staff on the devices they did have.”

She then contacted her network of professional women who have experience in logistics, technology, grassroots organization, and communications.

Image via GoFundMe

“From there, Sara brought in her team at Loop & Tie to repurpose their operational structure to help receive orders from hospitals, device donations, and manage shipping and handling of devices to matching recipients,” their website explained. “Within hours, COVID Tech Connect was created.”

Less than a month after being founded, CTC has already raised more than $100,000 on their GoFundMe page. They are also receiving devices from various partners.

“We have over 3,000 devices committed and more conversations are underway to get us to that goal. We’ve received some great responses from partners willing to donate devices, including Microsoft, PCS Wireless and Presto with more announcements coming soon,” she told Good News Network.

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