Not Photoshopped! Dog Looks Like a Human and It Makes Everyone Uneasy

Yogi is dog that bears resemblance to a human being — and it looks quite disturbing.

Photo: Chantal Desjardins

It’s hard to believe internet pictures nowadays. With all the editing and filter tools on your mobile phones, you can instantly look like a dog and the entire social media community will just shrug through it.

However, Yogi is not a product of editing as you can see with the many pictures in different angles. He is definitely a dog that looks like a human.

It seems like human bias plays hard when animals look like humans. A dog looking like a human is not a pleasant sight to see. We have seen those automatic face swaps but actual pictures without editing is a different story.

Yogi has a human-like mouth and raised eyebrows making him look like a mustached man trapped within a dog’s body.

At first, the dog’s owner,¬†Chantal Desjardins, didn’t think there was something out of ordinary with her dog but her friends think otherwise. To prove their point, one of her friends published a photo of Yogi on social media. A few minutes later, the comments were flooded with reactions to Yogi’s unusual look.

Check out other pictures of Yogi here to prove that the pictures were not products of photo editing.

Photo: Chantal Desjardins
Photo: Chantal Desjardins