Nurse Goes Viral After Using Smartphone While Providing Breathing Assistance to a Patient

We all love using our phones and sometimes, we spend most of our time using it and scrolling through different applications and websites. However, there’s a proper time when to use and not to use our gadgets.

A nurse from Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru, Malaysia went viral after a video of her using her smartphone while on duty and giving breathing assistance to a patient circulated on Facebook, posted by a Facebook group named Pakatan Harapan Supporters.

Screengrab from Pakatan Harapan Supporters via Facebook

Dr. Selahuddeen Abdul Aziz, Director of Johor State Health Department said that they take this issue very seriously and will conduct a joint investigation with the hospital regarding this issue according to World of Buzz.

The authorities had already met the patient’s family to get more information regarding the video and to provide the explanation as well.

He added that the nurses are required to follow the patient-handling procedures when attending to patients who require breathing assistance before sending to ICU.

Image from Pakatan Harapan Supporters via Facebook

The director also said that taking videos or photos in any of the Health Ministry facilities is also illegal because this will violate the patient’s privacy and it’s unethical. He also reminded the public that whenever they encounter any hospital staff who’s not doing their job properly they must inform the hospital management immediately.

Image from Pakatan Harapan Supporters via Facebook

We all know that using gadgets for personal use when we’re at work is really unethical most especially when your job is to take care of the sick who may possibly be having serious health problems. We do hope that this will never happen again to anyone and that this serves as a warning to limit ourselves from using smartphones because it’s indeed very addicting.