Nurses in Saudi Spark Outrage for Squishing Newborn’s Face in Viral Video, Get Fired

Three nurses working at a maternity hospital Taif, Saudi Arabia have been fired, with their nursing licenses also revoked after they filmed themselves laughing while squishing a newborn’s face.

The three have also been banned from working in other nursing jobs and could face criminal cases after the furious father said he plans to take the incident to court.

Photo credit: News Edition / YouTube

According to reports, the three nurses had filmed themselves while squishing the newborn’s face and giggling as the helpless baby was forced to ‘make funny faces’.

In the video that later went viral on social media, one of the nurses could be seen grabbing the child by the head, repeatedly squishing its head. While the baby did not cry, netizens were furious nonetheless that such a helpless baby could be subjected to such cruelty.

Photo credit: News Edition / YouTube

The nurses thought it was really funny, with one even sharing it on social media but it received much anger from netizens, many of whom wanted to do the same to these nurses.

After the video went viral, the child’s father discovered the clip and was understandably outraged at the shocking treatment his child received from the nurses. He stormed to the maternity hospital to demand an investigation on the matter.

Photo credit: News Edition / YouTube

The nurses have been identified by the hospital authorities who quickly terminated them. Aside from getting their licenses revoked, they have also been banned from employment in other health departments.

Health Affairs spokesman Abdulhadi al-Rabie said, “The Health Affairs investigated the source of the video and was able to identify the nurses who appeared in the video and the hospital where the incident took place.

Photo credit: News Edition / YouTube

Their names have not been released to the media but the outraged father wants them shamed. He also wants to file criminal charges against the trio, saying the nurses did not just hurt the child but also made the kid a laughingstock by posting the video online.

A lot of people have also expressed anger over the nurses’ actions, with many calling for them to be named and put to trial. Journalist Walid Al-Zahrani is reportedly among those calling for harsher punishment, explaining his stand, “People’s lives are not a matter of joke.

Here’s part of the video clip:

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