Obedient Delivery Man Knows How to Follow Instructions

Online shopping has been so comfortable and so convenient that it has become an addicting habit that some people are not able to control the amount of money they spend while shopping using their mouse and keyboard.

We have heard countless stories of how someone needed to hide their online purchases from their partners, and this Amazon delivery man knew about this very well that he mastered how to read the ‘signs’ to take his customers out of a sticky situation.

Vanessa O’Shea uploaded on Facebook a video of a man delivering their package from the online shopping site. He is supposed to drop the said package by Vanessa’s doorstep when he stopped in his tracks upon noticing the doormat, with an inscription that says, ‘Please hide packages from husband.’

The delivery man, who might have seen some ugly situations where the husband got angry with his wife because she had bought something ‘again,’ knew better than to disobey the ‘instructions’ on the doormat. He quickly retreated and looked for a place where he could hide the packages from the man of the house.

Vanessa could not help but be grateful to Amazon for always being loyal and for hiding her packages.

The post has become viral that it has been shared more than 194,000 times.

Source: Facebook/Vanessa O’Shea  Instagram/vnessav