Obese Wife Mistaken as Husband’s Mother Flaunts Sexy Body as ‘Sweet Revenge’ After 12 Months of Tedious Dieting

Obese, fat or overweight people are often times bullied because of their appearance and body weight.  They often find themselves inferior than those who have a skinny body based on people’s definition of what a beautiful woman should mostly look like.

Some of them would just ignore the negative criticisms while others will do something to improve their appearance. Such as this story of a woman who took all the negative comments as a challenge and exerted efforts to become fit and fab.

According to Sinchew, a 38-year-old Malaysian woman named Lee was always teased by mean people for being not at par with her good-looking husband because of being overweight. Some strangers would even think that she was his mother.

Instead of feeling distressed, the wife decided to go on a weight-loss journey to save herself from the harsh comments from family and friends and prepared tediously for her ‘sweet revenge’.

Photo : Sinchew

In fact, Lee was aware of her obesity.  She said, “I’ve tried losing weight for more than 10 years, but I just don’t have the determination. I’ve tried taking fat-burning supplements to lose weight fast, but my body reacted drastically after I got off the pill. My body weight then skyrocketed to above 100kg.

For the past 10 years, my body weight has been fluctuating and I’ve never really managed to slim down,” Lee added.

To start her journey to weight loss, Lee shared, “I tried to incorporate the food I like into my diet. For instance, I like oats, so I replaced rice with oats. Although I generally don’t like to exercise, I realized that I love listening to music while taking a slow jog.

Lee also cut out sugar, starchy food and ice on her diet.

And after 12 months of hard work, healthy habits and discipline, Lee has ‘reaped the fruits of her labor’ when her body weight plunged from 106kg to 64kg!  However, Lee said she won’t stop pursuing to lose weight until she’ll get her desired weight of 60kg.

Photo : Sinchew

When asked about her regret in the past, she said it was when she was unable to have a pre-nuptial pictorial and photos during their wedding’s reception because she couldn’t fit into any wedding dress.

I didn’t even dare to dream about taking pictures in a wedding dress, so my husband and I only registered for our marriage,” Lee narrated.

However, the couple has plans of having a long-overdue post wedding photo shoot and wedding dinner when Lee reaches her dream weight.

With the intention of improving herself by losing weight, she was able to inspire her friends, her relatives and other people so she put up a WeChat group to share her tips and insights.

Finally, Lee now can flaunt her healthier, sexy body, making her more recognizable as her husband’s wife. Isn’t that sweet revenge?