Only French Fries Could Make Their Baby Happy…Then, This Happens

Do you have a fussy child? The kid in this video was fussy and would often throw tantrums but when he is given some French fries, he stays quiet and enjoys the meal. Considering how unhealthy this junk food is, his mom’s friend tried to make her stop giving it to the baby but she couldn’t because it was baby’s only food choice.

Fast forward to 32 years later…

How old are you? Can you imagine someone as young as 32 suffering a heart attack? We often associate heart attack with the older generation but these days, the patients get younger and younger – all because of our unhealthy lifestyles!

It is not yet too late to change. Obesity is a killer. You don’t want to die of a heart attack at 32 just because French fries and fast food items are your favorite foods.