Official Trailer of Third ‘Wolverine’ Movie Released… With Logan as an Old Man!

X-Men fans had long waited for another movie in the franchise – and one is about to be released soon (although the actual date of ‘soon’ is actually March 3, 2017). The third and last of the ‘Wolverine’ trilogy, “Logan”, was introduced to fans in an official trailer that was both exciting and sad.

The official trailer depicts the Wolverine as an old man, confirming rumors that the franchise was working around the story of “Old Man Logan”. In the short clip, Professor X also looks old.

What’s exciting about this upcoming movie, however, is the appearance of a young kid who was quickly identified as X-23, a female clone of the Wolverine.

Fans are also excited to learn whether the movie will really use the Old Man Logan story and how he would die, if ever they would actually let him die this time – just as what happened in the story.

Of course, some new fans will be confused why Wolverine will die when he can’t essentially die; thus, everyone’s getting really excited with the upcoming movie, especially because Hugh Jackman had cryptically made this announcement months ago:


A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Are you as excited as we are to watch “Logan”? Just check out this trailer and we’re quite sure you’ll be among the first to line up at the movie theaters when the movie is released next year!

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