Old Lady Begging Diners for Leftovers Cries after Kind Woman Buys Her a Whole Meal

In big or small cities and towns, you could see people living in the streets, asking spare change and food from kind hearted people passing by. Many of them go without a full meal for days, getting lucky if they could even eat more than once a day.

One day, while dining with her boyfriend Fred at a popular restaurant in California, Carmen Mendez noticed an old lady approaching some of the diners to ask for their leftovers. Many ignored her while others even told her to get out of the restaurant and to leave them alone, but she persisted.

Photo credit: Carmen Mendez / Facebook

Realizing that the old woman must be really hungry, Carmen decided to leave some of her food for the old lady. But when they finished eating, she was nowhere to be found. Thinking the old lady had gone away, Carmen thought of throwing away her bag of leftover food when the woman came back and asked whether she could give her some leftovers.

At first, Carmen felt happy that she was able to give the food to the old lady but as the latter began eating the chicken strip, Carmen was overcome with a wave of guilt.

Something didn’t feel right…I felt like a horrible human being feeding her my leftover chicken strip… She deserved so much more…” Carmen later wrote on Facebook. “So I bought her a whole meal… She deserved to eat a hot meal.”

She also told the restaurant staff not to make the old lady get out because she’s buying her some food.

Photo credit: Carmen Mendez / Facebook

I could already see the disgust on people’s faces as she sat at the table eating the leftovers I had given her…” Carmen added. “She was getting ready to get up and leave when I surprised her with this meal…

Overjoyed at the fresh, whole meal she received, the old lady thanked Carmen profusely and gave her a tight hug. While the other diners must have smirked at the sight, Carmen didn’t feet repulsed by this homeless old lady.