Old Man Injured in a Remote Area Gets Help from Dog He Saved as a Puppy

This is one of the best examples of good karma: an injured old man is saved by the dog he saved as a puppy!

In Elgin, Ontario in Canada, Derik Hodgson had been living alone for years when he chanced upon a stray puppy while out walking in the snowy woods one day. He saved the dog’s life and named him Badger. Although Derik has a partner, Michelle Walsh, the two do not live together. It was just Derik and Badger in their little log cabin for years.

One day, while out walking with Badger in a remote part of the woods near his home, Derik got injured very badly. His legs were broken in two places and he had torn tendons, too. With conditions below freezing, he would have died a few hours later if Badger had not been there to help.

Badger is now being recognized for his heroic act and is an inductee of the Purina Animal Hall of Fame 2015.

Watch their story here: