Old Man Who Lost Wedding Ring 3 Years Ago, Finds it Stuck in Carrot Growing in His Garden

Losing his wedding was one of the saddest things that happened to an old man living in Bad Müenstereifel, Germany. He couldn’t find the precious ring no matter how much he tried. In his grief, his wife assured him she wasn’t the least bit angry that he lost his ring. In fact, she told him that he would eventually find the ring and shouldn’t worry about it.

When his wife died, the old man felt guilty over the lost ring and hoped he could find it as it was the best memento of their love.

Photo credit: UNILAD Tech

One day, while tending to the plants in his garden, the now 82-year-old man was surprised to finally find his lost ring there – stuck in a carrot that he pulled out from the garden!

The ring was filled with dirt but a little washing and buffing made it shiny again.

Photo credit: UNILAD Tech

It was a rather ‘dramatic entrance’ for the ring; although the old man was a bit sad that the wedding ring was found only after his wife had died. She would have surely laughed about how he found it.

Although some say she’s probably smiling down from heaven, seeing that the ring was finally found…