Old Taiwanese Lady Cleans a Popular Philippine Park Daily… For Free! And She Even Brings Snacks for the Park Sweepers

An elderly woman later identified as Taiwanese was photographed by a netizen who admired her selfless actions of cleaning the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, Metro Manila in the Philippines for free! According to Joyce Kathleen Rasco, she noticed the old woman “wiping down each and every one of the Kitkat benches around the park”.

Surprised at what the old woman was doing, especially since she looks like a foreign national, she asked around and learned that, indeed, this lady was not Filipino but a Taiwanese who goes to the park on a daily basis just to keep it clean.

The person Joyce had spoken with, a regular jogger in the park, said that the Taiwanese lady was not being paid for her good deed yet would be at the park everyday not just to clean the benches but to also share some food with the paid park sweepers!

It is wonderful that someone would be so concerned with the environment, the park, and the people that she is willing to do this every single day even when she is not paid to do so. That’s what you call true compassion and dedication!

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Saw this elderly foreign national going around Ayala Triangle Gardens this morning with a bag full of rags, wiping down…

Posted by Joyce Kathleen Rasco on Monday, February 1, 2016