Once Homeless and Jobless, Mother of 5 Finishes Law School

Thirty-three-year-old Ieshia Champs is a mother of 5 children who once tried to take her own life after losing her job and losing all her family’s belongings in a house fire. Even worse was when she found out that the father of two of her kids has ******.

But her outlook changed after a pastor told her that God wants her to be the lawyer, a profession she once wanted to become. So, she went back to school and started her journey to becoming a lawyer.

Image courtesy of Ieshia Champs

After earning her GED and an associate degree from Houston Community College, she took and finished her bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston before studying at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law of Texas Southern University.

Studying Law and raising a family simultaneously was no easy feat. Ieshia would sometimes cry because of stress. But no task is hard for a family who sticks together. Her oldest son stepped in and took charge with some of the household chores so his mom can concentrate on her studies. Soon, her other children also found a way to help her with her studies.

Ieshia breezed through Law School, thanks to her amazing support system, which is her family. Aside from her kids, her two sisters also stepped in so she could have more time for her studies.

Image courtesy of Richard Holman

This May, Ieshia will be graduating from Law School and she attributes this success to her children, whom she said also had to sacrifice so she can reach her dreams.

They were my motivation to keep pressing, keep going,” she said.

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