One-Armed Toddler’s Heartwarming ‘Fist Bump’ with One-Armed Soccer Player Goes Viral

Though he was born with just one arm, 22-month-old Joseph Tidd from Florida is trying to live his life as normally as possible. He understands that he is different from other kids, but his parents are making sure that he gains self-confidence.

To help develop little Joseph’s self-confidence, his parents Miles and Colleen expose him to many situations that show him it is alright to be different. So, when they learned about one-armed professional soccer player Carson Pickett having a game for the Orlando Pride, they immediately bought tickets to the match.

According to Miles, Carson and Joseph met for the first time last April – and quite so easily became friends! Every time they see each other, Carson and Joseph would do the ‘fist bump’ with the stumps of their left arms.

Photo credit: Instagram / @tiddbit_outta_hand

It took a minute for him to realize, ‘Wow, we’ve got the same arms,’ and then he just giggled. You could see it hit him, and then they were best friends after that,” Colleen shared.

After the Orlando Pride soccer game, Carson spotted Joseph at the stands. She immediately ran to meet the young kid and gave him the customary ‘fist bump’. The sweet gesture from the professional soccer player has touched so many hearts, not just the boy’s proud parents.

Many netizens are happy that Carson did not let fame and fortune get into her head, saying that she clearly is an excellent example to other young people.

As for Joseph’s parents, meeting Carson lifted a lot of weight off their shoulders. They admit that before they met the young woman, they feared that their son would have a difficult time growing up and might not even join sports.

But with Carson being a professional soccer player despite having just one arm, the future is so much brighter for Joseph as he has a role model to look up to, if in case he wants to join sports.

Carson believes she can do anything, and that is the mindset we want Joseph to have as well,” Miles explained.

Way to go, Joseph and Carson!

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