Ophthalmologist Claims Regular Use of Eye Drops Caused Young Man to Develop Cataracts

Our vision is one of the most important things that we need to consider; so taking care of our eyes is vital.  However, as people nowadays are more engaged in jobs and activities using laptops, gadgets and mobile phones, the eyes are more prone to getting affected by blue light which in fact, doctors claim to be dangerous not only to the eyes but also to the entire body.

Excessive time spent in front of the screens can affect our eyes in two ways. The most typical of which is when the eyes become dry as a result of forgetting to blink frequently while staring at the screen which significantly reduces moisture in the eyes. And when the eyes become too dry, they tend to be more prone to complications.

Eyesight can become blurry after hours spent working in front of a computer and the user may begin to get headaches and start to feel discomfort.

According to Oriental Daily, a 27-year-old man from Hong Kong had purchased some eye drops while on vacation in Japan as a remedy for his eyes.  The man had used eye drops regularly for half a year when his eyes became dry and started to feel uncomfortable.

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Soon, the doctors detected that the man had developed cataracts and suspected that using eye drops regularly was the cause because it contains steroids. Dr. Liu Kain Shan, an eye specialist explained that eye drops may soothe the eye temporarily but using over-the-counter eye drops for a longer period of time can be harmful.

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As cataracts are prevalent among elderly, Dr. Shan was worried that the young man had acquired it.  Moreover, she emphasized that one should always go to a professional doctor to determine the cause of feeling eye discomfort, dryness or blurring of vision and to not just resort to self-medication.

She also said that eye drops may have ingredients in them that may not be suitable to all.  The expiry date should also be checked as using expired eye drops will cause eye infection due to bacterial growth.

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