Ouch! This is What Happens When You Try to Jump Over Subway Train Tracks

Ah! The folly of youth!

Acting on a dare, a young man tried to jump over the subway train tracks but soon learned that 1) he did not have superpowers and 2) the distance between the platforms is much farther than he had imagined.

Of course, there were a lot of people to witness this marvelous feat – and someone was recording it on camera for posterity but the young man ended up with a bruised abdomen and a shattered ego.

It was a good thing there was no oncoming train or his fate would have been sealed that day just because he acted on a dare.

I would like to think this young man and his friends have learned a good lesson that day – and would not dare try this stunt again; though knowing how foolish young people can get, especially in dangerous situations stunts like this, they are more likely to try it again.

Check out the video here: