Outgoing Philippine Mayor Removes Everything from Office, Including Toilet Bowls and Tiles

In what many netizens dub as a whole new level of pettiness, an outgoing mayor stripped his former office of everything, including the toilet seats and tiles after he lost the elections.

On Friday, photos taken from the former office of outgoing Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña showed that everything had been removed – from the ceilings and light fixtures to the glass dividers and pretty wall decors, down to the tiles on the floor! Even the toilets were stripped of everything, from sinks and tiles to even the toilet bowls and plumbing works!

From being the elegant seat of power in Cebu City, the office now looks like an abandoned construction site that had seen better days; though it had looked quite stunning in the past weeks.

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

His Money, His Things

As expected, netizens were fuming over this petty move. Many believe this was clearly done to spite incoming Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella. After all, what would anyone achieve with taking out all those tiles when these were surely damaged by the removal activities? Those broken tiles could no longer be used again.

But Former City Administrator Bimbo Fernandez clarified that Osmeña deserves the right to strip the office of everything because he had paid for the beautification of the City Mayor’s office on the eighth floor back when he assumed the position in 2016.

It turned out that Osmeña had asked for a budget to renovate the office but when this was denied, he paid everything ‘out of his own pocket’. But because he lost the elections to his vice mayor, he’s simply taking everything he put in that office – no matter how petty that might sound.

No Office for New Mayor?

Labella would have to assume office this Monday inside a structure that could best be described as an abandoned construction zone. Bare walls, rugged floors, bowl-less toilets, and dirty offices greet his arrival.

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News, Sun Star Cebu

While surprised by Osmeña’s move, Labella managed to turn the tables on the former mayor as he said that the ‘ruins’ that Osmeña brought to the office could be easily interpreted as “a microcosm of the way someone had left an entire city in shambles”.

Here’s how the Mayor’s Office looked during Osmeña’s term:

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News, Sun Star Cebu

For now, the new mayor would have to find a new office – though he had to wait for the one at the first floor to be completed. It is up to them to determine what happens now to the ruins that Osmeña left on the eighth floor of the Cebu City Hall’s Executive Building…

Sources: Cebu Daily News, Sun Star Cebu, ABS-CBN News