Over $15,300 in Donations Pour in for Boy Whose Hair Got Frozen While Walking 3 Miles to School

An 8-year-old boy in China recently went viral after his hair got frozen while he walked 3 miles in the freezing cold just so he could go to school.

Dubbed as the ‘Ice Boy’, 8-year-old Wang Fuman lives in the mountainous Zhaotong County in Yunnan Province, China. Every day, he treks 3 miles to Zhuanshanbao Primary School.

Photo credit: Asia Wire / LAD Bible

On Monday morning, despite the freezing temperatures and lack of proper clothing, the boy trekked to school so he wouldn’t miss the first day of exams. He arrived in school with frozen hair but still managed to smile despite his predicament.

His teacher snapped a photo that would soon go viral all over the internet.


Poor Chinese Boy Gets Frozen Hair after Walking 3 Miles in Freezing Cold Just to Go to School

After Fuman’s photo went viral, a lot of netizens took pity on him. Donations began to pour in for the boy – and even his schoolmates received help from kind people.

The first batch of donations totalling 100,000 yuan ($15,350) came from the local Communist youth league and youth development foundation. County officials went to Zhuanshanbao Primary School armed with warm clothing and gloves for the kids; everyone received 500 yuan ($77) each in ‘winter subsidies’.

Fuman surely looks a lot better now with new winter clothes and gloves!
Photo credit: Shanghaiist

The local officials are also looking into ways to improve the school’s facilities as the classrooms did not have heating. Thankfully, the children are provided with breakfast and lunch each day but heating is also very important, especially during the harsh winter days.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

There were also those who sought help for Fuman’s father to find a job in the town so he wouldn’t have to work far from his family. A construction company stepped in, immediately hiring Fuman’s dad to work at the construction of a local sports park project.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

It is expected that the family will also receive help so their house will be more comfortable and safe. As donations continue to pour in, many netizens could not help but feel thankful that social media and the internet have played a big role in changing this diligent boy’s life.