Overweight Woman Transforms into a Stunning Model, Becomes a Sexy Fitness Coach after Losing 150 lbs

A 28-year-old woman was being controlled by her boyfriend into being overweight for fear that she might leave him. But when she became bigger and bigger each day, she just woke up without a boyfriend by her side who left her because she had gained too much weight.

Christine Cartier claimed she was being controlled by her boyfriend. Being together for 16 months, Christine weighed a whopping 275 pounds and reached the point where she had been warned by the doctors to do something because her health may be put at risk. The sad part was after her boyfriend had controlled her into being overweight, he just left her just when she needed him most.

Photo: weightlosshero/Instagram

Christine added that her ex-boyfriend had become so insecure and jealous that he wanted her to be fat. Then, she just realized she wasn’t happy with their relationship anymore.

“My ex was very controlling, told me what to wear and I believe he wanted me to be fat so that I wouldn’t leave him.”

“My ex became very insecure and jealous and I gained the confidence to see that I was not in a healthy relationship and needed to get out.”

Photo: weightlosshero/Instagram

She claimed that she didn’t feel deserving of anything better. All the while she was enjoying being fat not realizing that it was already taking a toll on her body.  Christine admitted spending days eating unhealthy food even at wee hours of the night.

But then, after the doctors had warned her of being unhealthy, she signed up at Hero training center and began living a healthy diet by eating nutritious foods and gave-up sugar-rich foods and meals containing high calories. She also backed it up with proper exercise. And in just a matter of few months, she lost 100 pounds.

Photo: weightlosshero/Instagram

Looking back, Christine realized that she should not have let her boyfriend dictate who she should be and that she’s the only one who knows herself better than anyone does. She added that getting healthy and staying that way is a constant battle but there’s always a choice, to love and embrace the struggle to become a better version of oneself.

Photo: weightlosshero/Instagram

With her new lifestyle, Christine had lost 150 pounds and is now a successful model and a fitness coach. She continues to inspire many by sharing her personal experience and photos on Instagram.