Owner Catches Thief Hiding Under His Bed Because of His Smelly Feet

We hear different ways on how thieves were caught. Some caught while stealing stuff, some were caught on the CCTV but this would probably be the first time to hear this unusual yet very funny way of how a culprit was caught.

A thief from Beijing, China planned to rob a house. The mischievous thief was really wise not to leave anything behind so he decided to put on gloves and remove his shoes upon entering the house.

Image: Pixabay

Unfortunately, the owner of the house returned home immediately while he was trying to steal their belongings. Thinking not to get caught, the thief decided to immediately hid under the bed, hoping that the owner would leave the house again.

Some of you may be thinking that he was caught because a part of his body was not properly hidden or he farted just like in the movies or made a sound of some sort but this one’s very different.

The owner noticed a funky scent around the house. So, he tried to find where the bad odor is coming from; he followed the unpleasant scent which eventually led him to the feet of this thief. Uh oh!

Image: World of Buzz

Thinking that hiding under the bed would be his redemption, well, jinx on him, he ended up putting himself in the hands of the Hanshan County police and later on, behind bars. The owner advised the public to tighten their house’s security, ensure the doors and windows are properly locked, and to not leave any valuable belongings at home.

This funny story was posted on a Chinese Social media site Weibo by the local police on their official Weibo account. This immediately went viral.

We just wonder how bad that smell actually was? LOL

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