Owners Decides to Prolong 17-Year-Old Cat’s Life with $19,000 Kidney Transplant

Betsy Boyd, a cat owner, works as a part-time writing professor and earns $46,000 a year while her husband, Michale, works as a freelance journalist and is a stay-at-home father to their 3-year-old twins.

Though they don’t earn much,  they agreed to save their 17-year-old cat’s life for $19,000 without any second thoughts. Stanley, their favorite cat unfortunately suffers from kidney failure and needed to undergo a kidney transplant.

Image: Oddity Central

“I love all my cats, but Stanley is the only one who acts like a human being trapped in a cat’s body. He’s so vocal and communicative. He maintains eye contact better than any cat I’ve ever known. When I’m at work, he waits at the window or front door for me to come home, just like a dog,” Betsy said in an interview with People Magazine.

They first learned about Stanley’s renal insufficiency in November 2016. The specialist who took care of him gave him only three months to live but then Stanley surpassed the dire prognosis. Their veterinarian mentioned that a former colleague performed kidney transplants on cats; Betsy immediately studied the situation.

Though her family and friends kept telling her that spending a huge amount of money to a cat to only live for three months is not worth it.They still pursued with the operation; she and her husband spent the money that they have been saving for a new car to save his life.

The doctors at Ryan Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia where Stanley was supposed to undergo surgery had serious concerns if Stanley will be able to survive the surgery due to his advanced stage. Luckily, after several examinations, it shows that aside from his kidney, Stanley was in good health.

After the surgery was conducted by the team of vets at Ryan Veterinary Hospital, everything went according to plan. Stanley was confined in a dog crate and after a month, he recovered and can be seen playing with his cat friends and spending time with his family.

“Anything could happen. If Stan did pass away sooner rather than later, I’d know I had done what I could for him. We’ve already had a few really good weeks. He’s really happy, and that alone is worth the price,” Betsy told in an interview with Baltimore Sun.

Right now, she’s waiting for May 28 when Stanley will pass the six-month post-surgical milestone but she’s positive that Stanley is going to make it.

The loving couple also agreed to adopt their cat’s donor after the transplant just to save Stanley’s life.