Parents Let Boy Slap Their Pet Dog Repeatedly While Playing, Earns Mixed Reactions on Social Media

A lot of dogs are known to be very patient with little kids but would you let your kids slap a dog for fun, if the dog was not a fierce one?

Well, that’s something else! But a video of a boy slapping their pet dog repeatedly has gone viral, not just because of his cruel actions but because his parents appear to actually condone, if not encourage the behavior!

The video has since sparked a heated debate on social media, with people torn between accusing the parents of being irresponsible and those who say they see nothing wrong with what the boy was doing in the video.

Photo credit: The Sun / YouTube

In the video first shared on Live Leak, the kid could be seen slapping the dog multiple times and pushing it back. What really alarmed netizens is that the dog is a bull terrier, known to be a breed that used to be bred as a fighting dog!

Although the breed is now considered a family dog after dog fights have been outlawed, the bull terrier is still considered to be a fierce breed. Of course, a lot of bull terrier owners will defend the breed, saying theirs are the most lovable, friendly dogs but what if it is subjected to *****?

Even if you know that your dog is safe, that’s still not smart. Dogs have off days, too,” one person commented in the video.

At least this dog handled it very well. Unfortunately not all dogs do.  Thank God that even though the parents are stupid, the dog was gentle. A serious tragedy could have happened,” another one wrote.

Photo credit: The Sun / YouTube

It’s all fun and games until the dog takes a bite out of the kids face. No matter how docile the animal seems they are still an animal and their only way to defend themselves is with their mouth,” another commenter wrote.

Most of those who commented on the video had slammed the parents for being irresponsible and putting the baby’s life in danger.

But there were those who said they think that dogs are smart and could determine whether the child was just playing or already abusing it.

Y’all kidding? Look at the dog’s body language, leaning into the “slaps” and all. Those two clearly get along.  Besides, to a strong dog, baby slaps are playful petting at best. So much hurry to find outrage, seems like no one had their eye on the dog while watching the video,” one man wrote.

Photo credit: The Sun / YouTube

Though I agree this is hardly smart, it may not be as dangerous as it seems. Dog is obviously well adapted, friendly and tolerant, he actually likes baby and he could go away if he wanted. This is type of play for him and those hits, though unpleasant – are not that painful for the dog,” another one chimed in.

So, what’s your take on this? Do you think the two are really just playing or is this animal ***** that could endanger the baby’s life?

Watch the video and tell us what you think:

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