Parrot ‘Reveals’ Cheating Husband’s Love Affair with Maid

A tattletale parrot has figured in a recent controversy after it supposedly revealed a cheating husband’s affair with the maid!

The angry wife went to Hawalli Police Station in Hawally, Kuwait to report that her husband was cheating with their maid – and her primary witness is the parrot in their house. In her police report, the woman said that she noticed her husband seemingly guilty and anxious when she went home from the office earlier than usual.

Then, their parrot began to speak flirty phrases and cute endearments that her husband had never used on her – this led her to believe that he was having an affair with their maid.

Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock

But while the police put her accusations on the police report, they advised her to settle the matter with her husband as her so-called evidence would not exactly hold water in court. After all, it would be impossible to establish how the parrot learned those cute endearments and flirty phrases as it could have simply picked those up from TV or a recording.

Due to lack of credible evidence, the woman won’t be able to take the case in court, the prosecution officer said.

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